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How we are trying to become The Best Mobile App Development Company in India

How to become the best mobile developing company in India ?

Mobile app development has caught up in a big way in India. There are many reasons for it. The details of why clients across the world are outsourcing mobile application development to India are provided in our website but the bottom line is - it has become an extremely competitive and crowded field.

When a client is exploring hiring app developers from India, the main question that comes to his / her mind obviously is - Which is the best company out there for Mobile app Development ?

Frankly , the best mobile app development company for YOU as a client will also depend on your specific need. A cross platform specialized app development company may not provide the same expertise for native apps. A company may really be the best out there BUT may be so expensive as not fit your budget.

What to do then ? Considering the fact that the top 10 app development companies may be roughly equal in talent and processes , you may go for the one on your list which suits your budget, your project specific needs, has the right credentials, size and expertise. All these are factors which as a client you may use to decide which company to hire.

Every company is thus trying to become the best such Mobile App development partner for hire. But this is a goal which requires patience , hard work and focus to achieve . Lets look at 10 factors which we at Creative Spark Solutions are working on to become a top app development company in India.


10 Ways of becoming The Best Mobile App Development Company in India


01Hire talented mobile application developers and pay them well.

Ok, so many mobile development companies try and cut corners here. Hiring freshers or hiring junior mobile app developers is only worth it when you have experienced members in the team to act as team leaders and project leaders. We tried to put a thorough hiring process for app developers with multiple technical and HR rounds. We also looked at practical coding skills , giving real world problems or checking developers at hackathons to get an insight into their skills.

02The best mobile app companies hire specialist talent where required

Mobile app development includes both native app develoment in iOS and Android (Java) , as well as cross platform mobile app development. Sometimes you will need people who are specialist in a specific discipline. For example someone could be a UI specialist, someone could be an architecture specialist and someone could be a specialist in cross platform tools like Xamarin, Ionic Framework. We found that hiring a specialist is an expensive proposition and may not be viable to hire someone permanently. Therefore we have looked at hiring such people as consultants and / or on retainer and as and when necessary to add the depth to the team to mobile projects which require in-depth skills.


03 Pick up projects in early stage - not for profit but to develop expertise

In our early stage we picked up projects not looking for a high project margin but those which provided us expertise in either a specific use case or a specific domain. For example we picked up projects to get deep expertise into e-commerce mobile app development, logistics and location based mobile app development, social media app development.

Because we did a couple of small projects in logistics app development, we were able to get On Demand trucking and logistics mobile app development work, cab hailing app development etc.Sometimes we have had to work on app development work at lower prices (thankfully, no longer) to get foot inside the company's door where we felt regular work would be coming.
In India this is all a part of the learning curve and process to becoming an industry expert company in a certain sector - mobile development in this case.

04Have a quality policy, quality process and Project management methodology in place

We implemented a quality policy and quality process early on in our company. Our quality policy is to accurately convert requirements into development addressing defects and meeting customer requirements in the best possible manner. Our earliest quality process was a set of 2 simple checklists on the desk board opposite which the developers sat. One was for the development team and the second was the testing team. Even with these 2 simple checklists of Do's and don'ts we were able to raise quality across the company to an incredible level.

Current quality process is built from the ground up and begins with the developers. Developers undergo training in debugging, unit testing, performance testing, good coding practices, peer review. These activities and processes are followed in the appropriate phases during development and testing. In medium and large projects a traceability matrix is kept to ensure requirement coverage.

One issue we've found in India is that in the SME sector , clients normally do not follow a formalized requirements gathering and communication process. We also try and hand hold clients as to how to create requirements document for their mobile app development which will ensure there is no communication gap between them and the company who is doing their work.
Following agile methodology with emphasis on mockups is another endevaour our company is undertaking to ensure we become one of the best mobile app development companies in India.


05 Go deep into cross platform mobile application development

We have made a concious choice to work with cross platform mobile app development because we see this as the future for all mobile app development activities. The savings in cost, maintainability and efforts are tremendous and it provides for a more systematic way of programming for mobile development. Cross platform apps will rise in demand according to most Global IT research companies. Cross platform development companies require skill in programming platforms such as Xamarin, Cordova, Ionic Framework. Ofcourse we also do native development and are a leading iOs and android app development company


06 Hire Mobile UI designers which are the best in their field

Very often, app development companies ignore UI designers while focusing on developers. This is not a smart choice.  UI design is one of the most crucial aspects of mobile app development.  An app with a complex or cumbersome UI will lose users easily even if it is a highly functional app.  With good UI which fits well into the development requirements, the work of the programmer can also become easier. This is why we look at hiring UI designers which are really good and in touch with the latest trends and UI design techniques like rapid prototyping, material design etc.


07 Find the best mobile app development tools and use them

The top development companies use the best app development tools as well. We've tried to keep in touch with the latest tools - whether these are for actual programming, IDE, testing, UI design , Mockups, or cross platform tools. In India , there is some hesitation in initial investment that the tools require but increasingly the mobile  app development companies are realizing that the return on investment on these tools is well worth it.


08 Train your team using industry professionals on the latest tools, techniques, coding standards

As a mobile app development company during our start-up phase, we found that training from industry professionals and online through Udemy etc. really helped our development staff hone their skills. As a young company, we were unable to attract professionals with 10-12 years experience and so asked these professionals to help our younger staff. Weekend trainings and interactions and guidance from the top mobile app developers of Delhi NCR helped our company a lot.


09Go in for Quality Certifications and get your team members certified as well

Quality certifications really help a company grow. We will soon ourselves be acquiring ISO quality certification and are preparing for it. An ISO or CMM quality certification will mean that the company is really investing and working on quality processes. However, actual execution and following of the process also matters as sometimes companies just get the quality certification but do not work further on it.


10Focus on Quality foremost and take projects selectively once you build a brand

In an earlier point, I talked of how it was important to take projects which build domain or technology expertise even if they were not highly profitable, in the early stage of a company's growth. But as we started to build a brand, we are getting a little more selective and focused about the work we take. We see other companies doing it as well. Once we have a brand, taking projects where we have no domain expertise or where we feel the requirements and / or the budget will not be able to justify the quality and work put into the project, we politely decline it. This is not out of arrogance but simply to assist the client as well, so that he can find a better fitting development partner.


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