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If IT resources help power SMBs to growth then they surely are the life-blood of a tech startup. Even for a non tech startup, many aspects of business are managed by custom or packaged software. A technology startup is often formed with a technology co-partner. If you have a great idea, the initial bare minimum funding to develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and the skills and perseverance to see it through , then don't let lack of skills in a specific programming language or tech skills to develop that idea stop you.

We're helping startups go from idea to product - an MVP or a scale-able go to market through our IT services. We believe in the power of startups, so for startups we provide programming and development services which includes quicker reporting, leaner deployment cycles, dedicated support and project management. Our recent success has been for verification and validation service startup in India for whom we developed a solution in Ruby and got a fully functioning product up and ready within 3 months.

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