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Benefits & Features of Woocommerce Store Development

  • Woocommerce Development is Open Source
  • Advantages of Woocommerce Community & Simplicity
  • Woocommerce Website Development Benefits

Open Source Advantages of developing your Woocommerce Store

When you are deciding on developing your e-commerce store, you generally consider both open-source and closed-source or proprietary options. Open Source platforms include Woocommerce, Open Cart, Prestashop, Magento etc. These opensource e-commerce platforms have their source code open and customisable. There is a user developer community which supports the changes and revisions in these platforms and everything is available for free (Almost). The Woocommerce is actually a wordpress of another great open-source platform i.e. Wordpress. Together , they are very powerful and of-course free to use.

Then there are the plug-ins or integrate-able tools which extend the functionality or add new features to these core products. Most of them are free. So with an open source e-commerce platform like Woo-commerce your licensing cost is zero or almost zero (if you include some plugins). Secondly the code can be extended, modified by developing own plugins, even core modifications (although not recommended at all), or buy choosing plug-ins and extensions which fit your needs. This allows you to save Money, Time and Effort providing a 3 pronged advantage. This is why for any company just starting up or having modest growth plans for the first 2-3 years, we recommend Woocommerce as perhaps the best e-commerce platform.

One question we are asked is: How many products and how much traffic can Woocommerce, accommodate for my store ?

One of the reason's why our company develops e-commerce stores on Woocommerce is because of it's simplicity of use and Lightweight development footprint - both of these things especially useful for startups or smaller stores.

When a client approaches us for e-commerce store development we ask about how many products, user and traffic goals, sales goals / forecast he has. We re-commend woocommerce for single person, or even team driven smaller stores rather than Magento or even Open Cart. If your functionality requirement is not very complex - such as loyalty points, affiliates etc. and mainly standard e-commerce functionality is required then the simplicity of woo-commerce is a boon.
Woo-commerce is SEO friendly and because of lesser complexity, development is faster. Secondly, it can be hosted on modest shared servers as well initially and the complexity of a Magento etc. deployment is not there. Therefore the development cost of a woocommerce store or website is lesser than many other platforms.
However if your store plans to have products in many thousands, or a huge set of functionalities, take a look at the Magento 2.0 Development and Installation Services India offered by our company.

Ready to get your Woocommerce Store Installed and Customized through us ? Or even if you have some questions.

Just Inquire Here and get the details at your fingertips.

We Here are some details of how we do the upgrade.

  • Woocommerce is a simpler and easier to use e-commerce platform recommended for small stores
  • Woocommerce is a SEO friendly e-commerce option with power of wordpress blogging behind it.
  • Easier to develop and customize on Woocommerce using Existing plugins or creating our own
  • Development Costs are lower on the WooCommerce platform
  • Hosting costs will be lesser for the smaller store and installation of the Woo-commerce store, it's migration etc. is easier. Shared hosting can be used widely.
  • Easier to control the Woocommerce control panel - very simple and integrated within the Wordpress admin panel.
  • Multi-site management is possible and even though recommended for smaller store - can support multiple thousands of product and heavy traffic with the right server and infrastructure.
  • Development companies such as our Woocommerce development company from India, are easier to find.
  • Project development risk is lesser.

So if you want to evaluate suitability or get developed your woo-commerce store, Inquire here

Our company's Woocommerce Store Development Process

  • What is included in WooCommerce Development Services by our Company ?

    Inclusions in our woo-commerce development service

    During WooCommerce Store Development, our company provides the following as part of standard offering (which can be customised for your particular need):
    • Evaluation of your Store requirement and Competitor Analysis
    • Theme, Color, Style Selection and Purchase (some themes are available but some may have a nominal license fee made clear beforehand)
    • Installation, structuring and set-up of the Wordpress site and Woocommerce Store
    • Setting up the Store Home page, Main Banner and Promo Banner etc.
    • Setting up of Account, Checkout, Inner pages, Contact Us page and Privacy Policy , terms etc. page.
    • Styling etc. changes, product detail and product list pages setup and configuration.
    • Configuring the shipping, taxes and emails etc. as required and this information should be readily provided to us
    • Adding content to the about us page or some other content elements provided you have this ready.
    • Integration of payment gateway and checking working with dummy orders
    • Activating the standard functionality such as Free shipping options, discount and open, Social share buttons etc., Sale and Retail Price etc.
    • Setting up the first 20-30 simple products with their images provided all information is readily available in format asked. Note: Additionally products up to thousands of products can be uploaded in bulk but at additional charges
    • Applying security and speed enhancement tweaks and checking for basic On page SEO like title and description tag on each pages
    • 1 to 2 sessions of brief tutorial provided to you virtually.

    Note: Some clients already have Logo developed so this is not a part of standard offering but can be provided if required. Similarly any other offerings or custom requirement. Maintenance plans, in-depth SEO is extra.

    So if you are looking for Woocommerce Store Setup and Installation, who you gonna call ?

  • Inputs Required by us for Woocommerce development from you ?

    Questionnaire for E-commerce Store Owners for Woocommerce

    When building or creating your woocommerce store, or any e-commerce store for that matter - any company requires inputs or details from clients. We follow a systematic process by asking you these questions as part of formal communication on email etc. These help us develop the store in a timely manner with least re-work.

    These include inputs such as :

    • Email ids for various Store emails in the Woocomerce Store.
    • Address and other details of the store
    • Examples of competitors, elements you like in various stores, colours, font size
    • Need a transparent Logo file if you already have a logo. Otherwise it can be created of-course.
    • Taxation and Shipping criterion - like weight based or flat etc. that you want to keep
    • Payment gateway preference and choices - we help you evaluate and understand and you can choose.
    • Promos, Brand imagery, Banner message that you wish to be displayed to a new customer
    • Inputs on image sizes, look-feel of inner pages etc.
    • Other store pre-launch and case to case queries.

    Write to us here about your Woocommerce Store Setup or Design needs for a completely free consultation.

    Inquire Here

  • Costs and Issues Associated and Why Use us for WooCommerce Development ?

    Costs and Issues Associated and Why Use us for WooCommerce Development ?

    Yes, Woocommerce is an easy to use and less costly self-hosted e-commerce platform. But let's look at the kind of cost and issues faced in typical woocommerce store creation.

    • Need to get the product images and description, title etc. (format will be provided), product content in a timely manner.
    • Give some thought to your category navigation structure and how the products would be arranged.
    • Give some thought to the product brand image and what do you want the banners to portray and concentrate on.
    • Give some thought to inner pages and Privacy and Terms of Use content. Please note that payment gateways require that there is some basic content about shipping, returns policy etc. placed on your woocommerce store.
    • For proper costs to be estimated , we always suggest to customers to make clear the features they expect, the kind of look they expect (vis-a-vis competitors, sites they like.
    • Also if you are on another platform and want to shift to woocommerce development , we may need to analyze impact on your url structure and SEO
    • Things like what is your maintenance requirement will also be discussed. Some large clients purchase part time maintenance resources on a monthly basis as well, to help with product upload, ad-hoc changes, promos, digital marketing.

    So what exactly does a standard woo-commerce e-commerce store development cost ?
    We can give a ballpark figure as an exact figure can be arrived at after understanding the requirements, website look that you want etc. But if we take out the optional items discussed herewith - i believe that's typically going to below the $700 mark for clients abroad. For Indian clients, it will be lesser, and for a proper quote do write to us.
    Inquire Here

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