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Introduction to wordpress based dynamic website design by Creative Spark

Wordpress is perhaps the most widely used CMS across the world and is frequently used for developing dynamic websites. Wordpress is open-source and free and if you are new start-up wanting to set-up your dynamic site without custom programming, wordpress may be the best choice for you. Alternatives to wordpress are there - such as Joomla, Drupal, ModX etc. but wordpress bring some advantages which makes it the number one choice to consider for Open source dynamic website development.
Wordpress can be hosted on even shared servers which reduces your costs, because not only is the core software free - but also the hosting can be cost effective. Let's have a look at the kind of wordpress development services our company provides, their costs, their benefits and features.

Our Company's Wordpress Development Process and Advantage

  • What is included in our Wordpress Development Services ?


    Our wordpress development services can be categorized into two types of solutions. One is Standard dynamic website creation using wordpress which does not require special programming or plug-ins or other customization.

    The second is creation of specialised dynamic websites for a specific purpose such as community support website with premium locked content, online news magazine, recruitment and jobs-board website, directory or classifieds setup. Here the work is somewhat different and more detailed due to the nature of the solution required.

    • Selection and Set-up of the Hosting Account
    • Selection and finalization of the look, colors, font, logo creation (if opted for)
    • We start with the home page. Typical wordpress websites have a nice home page with main banner, normally slideshow or hero image. It'll have sections leading to the various pages, footer, other banners.
    • Testimonial sections can be provided and can be on multiple pages if required.
    • A consistent look for the inner pages with left or right sidebar as required
    • Licensed images or license free images used on various pages with Call to action wherever required
    • A mega menu or dropdown menu can be provided as required in the header
    • Security and backup plug-ins are implemented by us as standard in our wordpress development services
    • A standard inquiry form will be provided on the contact us page and even as a common component if required , in our wordpress website implementation.
    • For sector specific wordpress websites, more custom work may be there which is dependent on what is being used for.

    So if you are a company looking for Wordpress Development Services, just Inquire Here

  • Inputs required for your Dynamic Wordpress website

    Inputs required for Wordpress Dynamic Website

    The process of creating and designing a wordpress dynamic website is slightly different from a normal static website. The process requires some input which we ask from clients in a systematic manner to make sure the website is created quickly and with minimum re-work. Some of these inputs are:

    • Website domain name, company name and the address and other contact details
    • Email address on which the inquiry form's data will be received i.e. a monitored email address
    • Your old hosting details (if applicable) and domain control panel detail to get the inputs
    • The menu or navigation structure and from this the page / category structure of how the various content will be arranged.
    • Creative brief about the look of the website. This can be by giving examples of your competitors or just of websites which you like - even of other sectors.
    • Brief about the logo or actual logo if you already have one.
    • If the dynamic website has specific functionality such as recruitment related, classifieds etc.c then we will need to document that - even if in a single page document so that everyone is clear on the scope of the project.
    • Finally we need the content subheads at the very minimum or preferably as much content as completed, divided according to the menu structure provided. If you require content development assistance, we can provide.

    Write to use here about your Wordpress Website development need for a completely free consultation.

    Inquire Here

  • Costs and Issues associated with Wordpress Development Services


    Wordpress based website development is typically a smooth process and we work with you to avoid any issues. Some of the things we do when advising during the start of such a project is:
    • Analysing your website requirements , example of similar sites and competitors
    • Finalising a domain name if possible and also deciding on whether you'd like to get the Wordpress website hosted through us or differently.
    • Thinking about whether you want to go for value added services like SEO and Digital marketing along with Wordpress development.
    • Starting to get the content etc. ready in parallel or the sub-heads for the various pages and the menu structure

    All this helps in getting your website ready without hiccups and in planned way with all options before us.
    Now coming to the cost, the cost of wordpress website development is pretty affordable and for our India based clients , this typically starts from Rs. 23,000/- onwards (being a starting range) for a standard dynamic wordpress website .
    For our clients abroad, we will provide you affordable pricing, and for this do write in to us below for a custom free quote.
    Inquire Here

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Benefits & Features of Wordpress Website Development

  • Benefits of Wordpress Development
  • Wordpress Plugin Development
  • Wordpress Services Features


Are you looking to develop what is known as a dynamic website ? Chances are, that the best fitting solution for your web development needs is very likely to be Wordpress. Wordpress is an opensource search engine friendly content management system which powers millions of small to very large and scale-able websites across the world. Dynamic websites are those which allows users to add , edit, mix content easily and which have elements such as news , blog posts, galleries, login areas etc. These websites are typically database driven and provide easy management facility to the users by a control panel etc.
Wordpress is one of the best and most prevalent ways of developing a dynamic website.

Developing or creating your website on Wordpress provides for the following advantages:

  • Websites developed on wordpress are affordable and easier to maintain as open source and having a fully functional CMS provided essentially for free
  • Websites developed on wordpress can be scaled and are able to be used for a variety of businesses - ranging from recruitment to portal to car dealerships
  • A wordpress based website for any company, is easier and more affordable to host as standard shared Linux hosting works.
  • Wordpress based websites are Search Engine friendly
  • Wordpress websites are scale-able and can support thousands or even lakhs of users daily and are even used by the large brand sites.
  • Wordpress websites do not require excessive infrastructure or deployment preparation.
  • Wordpress has a huge and amazing community consisting of paid and unpaid plugins, themes and support which means new websites, designs and functionality can be created more quickly and in a easier manner.

Are you interested in a developing your website on Wordpress ? Send us your inquiry here for more information. We are Delhi based but service clients all over India and abroad.

One of the key reasons why wordpress is so powerful is due to something called as Plug-ins. Plug-ins are basically tools or programs compatible with the wordpress core code which extend the functionality of wordpress in a systematic manageable way. They can be managed, activated, deactivated and used from the admin panel of wordpress and go through updates the same way that wordpress does. They allow you to make your site customised or get more features WITHOUT modification of the core wordpress and that is why they are a very elegant solution.

At Creative Spark Solutions, we can provide the right plug-in or create one for your needs. We can modify and configure them. In these ways we can create a wordpress website for you for your specific business purpose, such as Jobs board website, a catalogue website, a directory website, an event management website, a conference website, an e-learning or courses website and many other such websites.

Ready to get your Wordpress website created and Customized through us ? Or even if you have some questions.

Just Inquire Here and get the details at your fingertips.

At Creative Spark Solutions, we are providing Wordpress Development as a standardised offering for client's wanting Dynamic websites. We provide the following features and services as part of our Wordpress Development Offer:

  • Custom Design including home page responsive design using theme and customisation of theme
  • Logo Design if required (Optional Extra)
  • Common header, footer and menu development. Megamenu or drop down menu or some other menu variations can be provided.
  • Home page banner , hero image etc. with relevant image and message. Prominent call to action placed in the page.
  • Development of a contact page typically with google map , inquiry form integration. Generally this inquiry form shoots an automated email to your monitored email-id with inquiries. But this can also be database stored at minor extra charge.
  • Adding functionality through theme, plug-ins or even custom coding which allows to create wordpress websites suitable for a specific kind of functionality such as recruitment websites, directory websites, event management, training & community etc. websites.
  • Basic SEO for Wordpress and enabling seo friendly urls
  • Creation of Blog as required or News Area
  • Linking up the social networking channels and allowing social sharing options.
  • Handover after final payment and suggest you to change the passwords etc.
    • We are Delhi based company but work with clients across the globe. So if you are looking for wordpress website designing or migration to a wordpress platform for your dynamic website, Inquire Here

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